Best Beat Making Software – Reviews & Discover Top 3    

  • Dr DrumDr Drum
  • Rating: 9,5 out of 10The average user rating.
  • +16 track sequencer,
    +12 pad drum
    +4 octave keyboard
    +Several thousand built-in drumbeats, keys, FX and sounds.
    +Exports as 44.1 professional studio quality .wav file
  • FL Studio 12FL Studio 12
  • Rating: 9,2 out of 10The average user rating.
  • +most highly-recommended music making program
    +includes a scalable interface and detachable windows
    + affordable and includes free updates
  • Rating: 8,7 out of 10The average user rating.
  • +Developed by Dallas Austin
    +1,000 samples & synths.
    +50 premium drum kits,
    +50 instruments,

What is the Best Beat Making Software in 2017?

Are you looking for professional and unique features in beat making software? Let’s have a closer look. There are numerous beat producing software currently available. But which one is the best beat making software for you? As you know, the beat or rhythm is the base for all good quality music. It sets the tone and mood for any song or music composition. With a genuine beat, you can compose professional sounding music even if you are an amateur.

The high quality of sound that you hear made by the music software depends upon the bit depth utilized. Most individuals would be satisfied with MP3 high quality audio, however in reality, this isn’t the quality recommended for professional release.

This is an essential feature if you are searching for professional high quality audio. Some designers of beat makers might even promote their software citing audio capability like a desired function. But you have to recognize which MP3 can be used only for personal entertainment and not for professional use.

The following feature to consider is the amount of bars the software is designed for. Many beat makers are designed for just 1 bar that is repeatedly looped to create music. You need to consider a beat making software that may handle sixteen to thirty-two bars. You can handle complicated rhythms as well as beat changes inside a composition.

best beat making software review

Why you must have the best beat making software

In the following reviews I will briefly describe why we need the best beat making software. We know that beat making software is very beneficial for music lovers so it is crucial to select the best:

  • Good beat making software must have online entry. This is definitely an important feature since it will allow you to make it better without needing a powerful computer. When you’ve got a benefit such as this all your sounds as well as processors tend to be stored online to ensure that the computer will not slowed up when you build tracks. This is often a handy advantage because there is nothing worse than creating a beat instantly and your computer begins skipping or slowing when you’re trying to create a particular sound.
  • Make certain your beat making software has got the capability in order to convert your own track in to an audio format. This is another benefit that’s very necessary to you since it will help you to convert your own track right into a smaller document to add online to sell. This is actually another reason you need to have internet access together with your software since it makes it simpler to do.
  • Make certain your software program has use of an active forum. This is actually another important benefit because it can help you find out more about your specific software. There are numerous tricks to gain knowledge regarding using beat making software and when it comes with an active forum that’s specific for the software program then it is possible to reveal or discover what was already shared. This is particularly great with regard to newbie beat makers since it cuts the training curve in a big way and also the faster you learn the software the quicker you can begin to help to make hot beats.
  • Make sure your software program offers free of charge upgrades. This can be a very great benefit which is not provided by many businesses. The reason this can be a valuable benefit is straightforward. This advantage eliminates that issue and you cut costs over time.
  • Make certain it includes a large collection of sounds incorporated with it. This is essential as well since the more sounds you need will make the quality better and you’ll be able to make all sorts of beats in a genre.

So because of the above reasons beat making software is a must for the music lover.

Top 3 Best Beat Making Software 2017:


dr_drum_reviews_dvd-cdDr Drum is really a professional beat making software that was created to help you create your personal music. It is actually dubbed to enable you to create: Hip Hop Beat, Rap sounds, sleek R&B, Techno Take, Punk, Rock and Roll, Jazz, as well as Grunge, Dancing tunes, City, House and Indie tracks. Dr. Drum provides you with access to a 16 track sequencer, a complete twelve mat drum package, a four octave computer keyboard, and the library associated with premade beats that you could mix. The sequencer offers many sophisticated features for example pan impact, mix, sculpt and quantity adjustments.

The computer keyboard features strings from electric guitars to brass that permit you the opportunity to produce a truly distinctive composition. Furthermore Dr. Drum enables you to import your personal sounds to produce truly distinctive beats. This particular beat producing program utilizes .wav files rather than mp3 which claims to provide a huge improvement in quality.

This is very important when you’re attempting to produce professional high quality sounds with regard to recording or even performing. Dr. Drum can also be integrated along with YouTube; making sharing your own creations through social networking very simple.

Dr. Drum is a program a well created and user-friendly layout. This indicates you won’t be bogged down with the technical lingo and complicated buttons as well as tools. Although some believe that after you give up technical trouble you give up quality, however with Dr. Drum you receive the greatest of each world.

Almost immediately you can download Dr Drum. You will get right down to business allowing your music genius to sparkle. The prosperity of tones you get to work with at the start is nearly mind boggling.

You can sit and play all night and still not really come near to exhausting the options. Add to that the power to upload your personal sounds and also you willhave limitless creative potential when you need it.Read Full Review  



BTV Solo is an excellent new beat maker software & songs production software made to be fast and simple to use with spectacular professional samples & drum sounds. Creating great beats and songs couldn’t be easier! BTV Solo is among the simplest beat producing software you will discover.

All the actual controls are on a single window; however the layout differs for conventional tracks and layers. You may use your computer keyboard or mouse to produce beats by utilizing the thousands of preloaded designed sounds.

In addition, there are more than 100 premade loops. If you are a newbie, it maybe hard to locate these because there isn’t a search panel.

BTV Solo includes a section to edit WAV documents so you can include effects, delay or even reverb for your sounds. A really cool feature on the program is the “actual beats each minute” button. When you are listening to a song, you are able to tap the actual BPM button to automatically adapt to that particular song, giving you the ability to produce a song with the same time frame signature.

If you’ve actually used or even seen interfaces associated with other songs production software programs, you’ll immediately notice that the BTV SOLO is exclusive. It’s organized like a good MPC (songs production controller) device, which enables you to quickly enter different percussion and sounds for any speed as well as a flexible workflow. Read Full Review  

3.Steinberg Cubase Elements 7:

Steinberg Cubase Elements 7 ReviewsCubase Elements is made for individuals who desire professional music-producing software but don’t wish to pay big bucks for this. It’s the stripped lower version associated with Cubase 7, with restriction about the numbers associated with tracks as well as mixer stations, fewer bundled up effects & instruments and various overlooked ancillary functions.

The guts associated with Cubase are actually all right there, however: the 32-bit floating-point sound engine along with sample rates as much as 192 kHz, surgical audio, MIDI modifying, automation of just about any parameter and professional-grade combines facilities. Based on our assessments, it appears to achieve the same rock-solid dependability. This particular latest edition incorporates Steinberg’s ASIO-Guard technologies for guarding against sound drop-outs.

Cubase is typically the most popular DAW at the moment. The item’s family includes three members which are tailored in order to individual requirements. From expert producers in order to film composers, to talented beginners and aspiring music artists – there’s a version for everybody. Here you are able to compare Cubase, Cubase Designer and Cubase Components to select the version that best suits you best.

Its powerful group of instruments, the numerous audio results and resources for documenting, editing as well as mixing sound and MIDI monitors let Cubase Components 7 turn your PC into an entire production program. Including the brand new MixConsole, Chord Monitor for simple chord management and also the award-winning sound engine, Cubase Components 7 welcomes you to the thrilling world associated with Cubase.

Using its intuitive group of tools with regard to composing, documenting, editing as well as mixing, Cubase Elements may be the most appealing entryway towards the Cubase globe. The eclectic outfit of high quality instruments as well as effects modifies your pc into your individual music manufacturing system. Cubase Components 7 boasts all of the tools for the trade from an amazing price. Read Full Review 

How to buy the best beat making software?

There are specific qualities that you’ll want within the software that you choose. The first thing to consider is that there must be a big selection of samples that you could choose from. The samples are going to be important in providing you with a basis to begin to build from. This could be a way to easily brainstorm brand new concepts rapidly.

Step 01: You will also want audio export abilities. The world is becoming digital quickly and song executives won’t want a demo on old fashioned tape. It is necessary that you are able to export the beat on MP3 and quickly attach it to emails. Additionally, you will want to determine what additional features the program has as well as whether these seem sensible for your particular needs.

Step 02:  Some may have a digital drum pad or perhaps a piano accessory. Some will help you to save 16 tracks at the same time while other people may are need to perform thirty-two tracks at any given time. These kinds of specific features might be needed for some beat makers and some may never need them. This is where you need to ask yourself what features are crucial and which are not.

Step 03:  The best beat making software must have the ability to work along with WAV documents in COMPACT DISC quality (44.1 kHz, 16 little bit) or more. You must use good supply material to obtain a good outcome. Some beat makers use MP3 only. Looking to get decent sound beats with one of these beat manufacturers is like attempting to cook an excellent meal with rusty pots.

Step 04: Any software you use frequently should be simple to use. This is much more important when you’re working artistically. When a concept hits the mind, you must be capable of getting it to the software instantly or it might be gone permanently.

Step 05:  When you are searching for a great beat producing software, the question you need to ask is what type of budget you are considering. There tend to be some kinds of beat producing software that have costs running to the 1000s of dollars. You will find software that’s significantly cheaper if you don’t have the high budget.

Step 06:  It is important that you don’t buy the very first beat producing software that you see on the internet. If you take time to do a little research, you’ll find a maker that will be practical and not really break your financial allowance as much. Remember it’s about having a good time and producing music, which spending more income doesn’t suggest you’ll convey more fun and make smarter music.

Tips for choosing the best beat making software
best beat making software

Tips/Trick to choose the best beat making software:

  • It should be accessible on the internet. Beat producing software uses a lot of memory because it’s saved on your pc. But if it’s also obtainable online, memory consumption really should not be an issue anymore. Plus you don’t’ need to worry in case your computer crashes because your work is secure online to be accessed anytime on any PC.
  • Select the best beat making software that can transfer your music into MP3 format. You can’t enjoy or share your personal creation if it’s only stored on your pc or if you’re able to only can get on online. Therefore the beat producer software must have this extremely important feature.
  • Instructional videos should be provided. Obviously, it’s hard for first timer to change the controls and know how the software program works. Therefore the right beat maker software program should include comprehensive instructional videos that would show you how to make your personal beats. And not just that, it also needs to contain instructions on techniques that will help you make your personal beats quicker and more comfortably.
  • A forum site ought to be available for the beat producer software. This is the greatest way to determine if the software has a great reputation. The folks participating within the forum may share with you their individual experiences using the software. By doing this, it’s easier for you to gauge the actual reliability of the software.
  • An upgradeable version ought to be available on the internet. Any software must be updated frequently. This is to make certain that its performance is within optimal degree. Not improving your software can make it vulnerable to malware jeopardizing its performance.
  • Lastly, the beat maker software must have a library full of thousands of pre-existing sounds. This will help you to experiment and become more innovative. It’s more enjoyable if you have many options so development of music is easy as well as fast and productive.

Bear this in mind:
The best beat making software is meant to permit you make your personal beat in a faster, simpler, and less expensive way. But should you make the incorrect choice, you’ll only wind up burdening yourself in dealing with the trouble of investing and making the program work.

With regard to newbies such as yourself, you should know of the fundamental features as well as functionality from the beat producer software prior to purchasing. Do comprehensive research and comparison. Remember, to help to make your best finished product is attainable only when it’s trusted software that’s effective at producing the highest quality of songs and makes you a Pro simultaneously.


Music beats is really a very big field and we are able to witness spectacular changes through the years in songs and better styles. It’s become impossible nowadays to produce any rap or hip hop songs withouth beat producing software.

There tends to be various software which you can use to produce totally distinctive and unique music. The most recent invention enables everybody to produce beats online utilizing a beat producing software. You should look at getting yourself one if you are a beat making fanatic like me personally.

With this particular software, all modifying features as well as mixers are included. You won’t need costly mixing gear and documenting devices. These beat making software programs will produce high quality beats just like the pros and you will save money by producing it yourself at home. View more our beat making software reviews.

Hopefully we helped you enough to find your best beat making software. Enjoy making your own beats!

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