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This refers to any form of electronic messaging or email used for unsolicited, mass or indiscriminate types of messages prepared and sent to serve a commercial purpose.

The Beat Maker Blog site with domain of http://beatmakercenter.com does not allow any messages used as spam or any form of spamming performed. It will not tolerate or entertain spam of any kind and upholds a zero-tolerance spam policy.

Automated spam filtering

The site, http://beatmakercenter.com, has a built in system used to counteract spam messaging by automatically scanning all electronic messages (email and the likes) coming into the system. The system will filter out all the spammy messages and messages that may appear as spam for the discretion of the owner and not to be included in the website.

Problems with spam filtering

The accuracy may not be at its 100% peak and imperfections in the system of the site, http://beatmakercenter.com, may happen from time to time, which may result to filtering of legitimate messages or messages that does not have spam contents.

In any case that a legitimate message (in the discretion of the user) has been filtered out by the system, please notify the owner of the site or the recipient of the message by other means or systems.

A method you can perform to prevent your messages being included in the spam filters is to send your messages in a plain text. This means that your messages should not be in HTML format, no additional attachments included and that your messages are first scanned for the presence of any malware before sending.

Receipt of unwanted messages from http://beatmakercenter.com

If in any cases, especially in questionable circumstances that you were able to receive any messages or use the site’s system to send messages that by discretion is considered as spam, please contact the owner and the server by giving the details in the Contact Us tab. Rest assure that investigation of the problem will be done to provide the best solution.

Anti-spam Policy Changes

The site, http://beatmakercenter.com, upon discretion, may provide any changes to this anti-spam policy, whenever updates on the international law and other applicable laws will be available. All the changes are made available to the user through the site.

The anti-spam policy is updated up to this day 6/1/2015


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