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How to make your own beats

Hip-hop, trance, techno beat music are awesome. And I can definitely relate to people who simply love this brand of music. Probably the best thing about beats music is that you too can make your own beats. Read below to find out how to make your own beats.

A lot of people want to learn beatmaking but are just afraid to take on this hobby as they seem to be costly, but the truth is that you really do not need to shell out a huge sum. You only need five things: a PC or laptop, a digital audio workstation (DAW), speakers and headphones, sounds, and drum kits and samples. And the most important thing is your huge, huge love for music.

how to make your own beats

Once you’ve set up your equipment, you’re ready to make your own beats. Here are few useful tips for a great beat:

Discover new sounds

The internet has a lot of audio loops, music samples, and VST plugins. You can easily find free virtual instruments and samples. Invest time discovering new sounds. Compile various new sounds. Download a variety of sounds. Organize them and listen to them. Let your creative juices going as you listen to these unique sounds.

Broaden your repertoire of music genre

Okay, you love hip-hop beat but that does not mean you have to limit your ears to this music. In order to create a great beat, you should explore other music genres. Music is flexible. You can use different genres and their variations in creating great melodies. The unique elements of each music genre can add color and variety to the beat you’re making. You may not even use the music to your beats but they can provide you with inspiration. Listening to something new and refreshing your senses can give you a lot of ideas.

Don’t spend too much time on a single beat

We often get stuck on a beat, spending hours attempting to perfect it but only end up hating it. Many beatmakers recommend spending no more than 7 minutes on a single beat. Make 3-4 beats a time and juggle from one to another. Try different sounds, different instruments, different tempo and different patterns for each beat. Once you have 4 beats, review each one and focus on the beat you want to perfect. Hopefully, you can create a beat that is worth it.

Start with the lyrics


It would greatly help set the tone and feel of your beat if you have the lyrics. Once you have a good hook, you can make a plan for the drums, keyboard, horns, and other elements of the song. The lyrics create a skeleton for the beat you are creating.

You may find it helpful writing lyrics to another’s instrumental. It might help you lay down a good foundation.

Try other routines

Most of the time, changing up your routine can be eureka moment. If you haven’t tried software, use one. Maybe you don’t sample, why not try it once. Don’t stick to what have been used to. The music industry is alive. Grow with it!

Team up with others

Collaboration is the new thing in the music industry. You can see music singles with feature artists, and they sound great. The same is true with beatmaking. Work with other songwriters, singers, producers, and beatmakers. Teaming up with others is a great learning experience. You may discover different techniques or listen to new sounds. It’s also refreshing to hear other’s input.

Use your mouth as a musical instrument

Ever considered beat boxing or humming? If you haven’t tried it, try. Who knows, you might even have a knack at beat boxing that you don’t know. Use an audio recorder or your phone to record the beats. You can remake the beats with your keyboard later on.

Your brain can suddenly blurt out a random beat. You don’t want to lose it. Turn your ideas into noise using your mouth and record it. Who knows, it might just be a million-dollar hit right in your mind.

Online videos for added inspiration

You have to have a lot of inspiration to make the best sound. And YouTube has got unlimited videos you can learn from; you will never run out of inspiration.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned beatmaker, watching others and learning from them can help you grow and master your craft. People from all walks of life, from different parts of the globe using different techniques and different equipment and producing unique, amazing music – nothing could be more inspiring than that.

Try remaking popular beats

Before you can be the best, you have to learn how to be the best. Test your beatmaking skills by remaking a professional beat you hear on the radio. Imagine yourself as the producer and figure out how they created that vibe. Think of yourself not just a beatmaker but a producer. By putting yourself on a producer’s perspective, you tend to emulate them: how they think and how they feel. In the long run, this makes you more versatile. You can have a broader perspective of the music industry and be able to produce beats that the audience will love.

Learn musical instrument

If you want to create great beats music, learning how to play a musical instrument can be a great investment. It may be a difficult thing; you need patience and time to master a new instrument. But once you have the hang of it, there are just so many things you can discover and do.

If you love beats music, learning how to make your own, unique beats can be the best thing in the world. And it can be done! You just have to invest time reading tips.

How about you, have got any tips on how to make your own beats? Share us your beatmaking tips, we’d love to hear from you.

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