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How to Start Making Beats

You do not need an entire sound studio in order to start making your own music. If you are interested in learning how to start making beats, you just need the right computer software. In this day and age, there is an electronic solution to any of your needs – including making music.

how to start making beats

Whether you just want to learn how to start making beats for fun or want to begin pursuing a career in music, it does not take a lot of work to get started. Here are some tips to help you begin learning how to start making beats.

Get the Right Equipment

Before you can learn how to start making beats, you need the right equipment. This includes the following items:

  • Computer
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Digital audio workstation

You do not need a high-end computer in order to start making beats. Your computer just needs to be able to run the software without crashing. As long as you have 2GB of RAM, you should be fine – unless you are planning on creating videos. For video mixing, you will need a quality graphics card and more RAM.

Check the specs for your computer. If you are using a Windows computer, you can simply right-click on “This PC” while you have Windows Explorer open and click on “Properties”. This will display how much RAM and the speed of your processor. Compare this against the minimum requirements of the beat making software that you choose.

You will also need headphones or speakers. Many musicians, producers, and DJ’s prefer to use headphones so that they can block out all other sounds. This is also helpful if you want to avoid waking up your neighbors. Also, you can purchase a high-quality pair of headphones that offer more clarity for less than you would a set of speakers.

The next piece of equipment that you will need is a digital audio workstation – also called beat making software.

Find the Best Beat Making Software

Choosing the right software is one of the most important decisions before you can start making your own beats. There are dozens of quality options. You should look at the features of each program. Look at the number of samples they include, the instruments that the software can recreate, and other features that will help you create beats that people want to jump around to.

If you want in-depth reviews of the top beat making software, then make sure that you browse the rest of the site. Discover the best beat maker software to start creating your own music.

Play Around with Your Beat Making Software

Once you have all the equipment you can start messing around with beats. You should spend a day or two familiarizing yourself with the navigation and menu of the software that you choose. You will find hundreds of video tutorials online that can help you learn more about your software. Spend time playing around to get a feel for the software.

Learn More About Song Structure

After getting to know the software a little better, you can start making your own beats. Learning more about song structure can help you create songs that people will listen to. The song structure will depend on the style of music that you choose.

For example, if you are making a track for vocals to go over, such as a rap song, rock music, or RnB, then you might use the following structure:

  • Intro
  • First verse
  • Chorus
  • Second verse
  • Chorus
  • Middle 8
  • Chorus
  • Outro

The intro gets the listeners’ attention and slowly builds up the anticipation for the song before reaching the first verse. The various verses are the main parts of the song. The chorus is repeated between verses and is often the catchy part of the song. This is the part that everyone sings along to. The Middle 8 is towards the back end of the song and puts a twist on the verse to give it more lead-up before the final chorus.

For dance music and Dubstep, you are focusing more on drum and bass. For this type of music, your song structure may look like this:

  • Intro
  • Main section
  • Midsection
  • Second main section
  • Outro

The main section generally adds a bass drop. The midsection, also known as the bridge, ties the first main section to the second main section. You then take listeners out of the song with the outro.

Once you have the structure in place, you can start layering different instruments and tweaking your beat.

Final Thoughts On How To Start Making Beats

Learning how to start making beats is not hard. You just need the right equipment and beat making software. What is hard is becoming good at making beats. It will require practice and dedication if you are interested in making a career out of this.

You should avoid spending too much time on a single beat. After ten minutes, you should move on to another beat. Go back and forth between different beats, adding new instruments and making small changes.

Keep these suggestions in mind. If you want to start making beats, then begin reviewing beat making software. Check out the various beat making software reviews located throughout the rest of my website. Hopefully we helped you on how to start making beats and wish you good luck!



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